Re-download Microsoft Imagine software and find product keys


If you have already downloaded software from Microsoft Imagine system, you will not be able to use Express Checkout or re-order the same software again. This instruction will guide you to find your previous order history, so that you can download the software that you've downloaded before.

This instruction is also helpful if you need to find your product key for a previous order. 

If you run into technical issues or need further assistance, please refer to the Technical Support section below.


Finding your order history

To find your order history:

If you are an MBA student, click on

If you are an MIS student, click on


  1. Click on Sign In (toward the top right of the screen).
    Visio 2016 Microsoft Imagine Sign in
  2. In the Single Sign-On section on the left of the screen, click on Sign In.Visio 2016 Microsoft Imagine Single Sign-on
  3. Enter your UA NetID and Password in the appropriate fields and click on Login Visio 2016 Microsoft Imagine Webauth
    1. (Note: You may not be prompted to log in to WebAuth if you are already logged in.)

  4. To find your product key, go back to Microsoft Imagine, click on your username in the upper-right corner, then Your Account/Orders.
    Go back to your account
  5. In the following page, you can see all of your previous orders.
    Order details
  6. To re-download software, click open View Details. (Here I'm using Visio 2010 as an example)
    Check order detail
  7. You can see your Product Key showing in Red font here.
    Find Product Key
  8. To start re-download a software, click on Download in the top right corner. 
  9. Now you can re-download the software you need! You can also see the product key for this particular order shown in the Product Key field.

Technical Support

If you experience technical issues (e.g., the Microsoft Imagine system does not allow you to successfully download software), please send an email to and explain that you are having trouble with the Microsoft Imagine system and/or having trouble installing software. (please specify what software you are having trouble with)

Please provide detailed information about the issue you are experiencing and provide screenshots when possible. Be sure to use or include your UA email address; that e-mail address is the one used for our Microsoft Imagine system.

You should receive support within 1-2 business days.

If you do not know your NetID credentials, or are having trouble with the WebAuth system, please contact the UITS 24/7 Support Center at 520-626-TECH.