Capabilities + Capacity

The MIS Department supports its faculty and students' research computing needs through a shared computing infrastructure.

Our infrastructure aims to be flexible and scaleable to meet the changing needs of our research.

The MicroAge Lab and MIS Commons also participate in this infrastructure.


  • VMware ESXi vCenter Datacenter
    • Currently 3 hosts
    • Total Processor core count: 44
    • Total RAM: 512GB
    • Total raw local storage capacity: 9TB
    • 1Gb/10Gbe networking capability
  • Dell EqualLogic PS-series SAN shared storage
    • Total raw capacity: 24TB
    • 10Gbe networking capability
  • FreeNAS ZFS-based shared storage
    • Sun X-series head unit
    • Rackable SAS JBOD
    • Total raw capacity: 32TB
    • 10Gbe networking capability
  • iXsystems backup server
    • Expandable 36-bay chassis
    • Total raw capacity: 160TB
    • 10Gbe networking capability
    • Hosted offsite
  • Dell networking
    • Dell PowerConnect 1Gbe and 10Gbe switches