Cloudera Academic Partnership

Academic Partnership Program
Brief Description The CAP provides MIS students and instructors with Cloudera's software and course materials. 
More information
Delivery method
External website with external account sign-up.
Delivery details
User scope

For active University of Arizona students.

University of Arizona instructors are able to get materials to integrate into their courses.

Device scope
Any; for state-owned or personally-owned devices.
Use scope
For instructional use only.
Entitlement expiration

Active eligible students and instructors may download and install Cloudera software.

The software must be uninstalled/removed at the conclusion of their affiliation with the University.



Cloudera partners with accredited, nonprofit academic institutions around the globe (100+ at last count) to help develop the next generation of data professionals. The Cloudera Academic Partner Program gives them access to curriculum, software, and discounted training to help accelerate the adoption of the Hadoop platform.

Cloudera will provide professors from participating schools with discounts to world-class instruction and free training materials to facilitate the inclusion of Hadoop developer topics in their academic portfolios.

Students will benefit from industry-leading training materials, hands-on exercises, and access to discounted certification exams, providing them with tangible, market-recognized credentials in addition to their university degrees.

Cloudera invites staff and students to download Cloudera Express or the Cloudera QuickStart VM, which include CDH, the world’s most deployed and enterprise-ready Apache Hadoop distribution, and Cloudera Manager, designed to simplify the installation, configuration, and performance analysis of your Hadoop cluster. Either option can be used freely, for as long as needed. (Note: CAP also provides specialized VMs with datasets and homework solutions for CAP members.)

CDH is thoroughly tested, 100% open source, and includes over a dozen Apache projects to ensure you have everything you need to utilize Hadoop in development or production.


Support Documentation and Information

If you are a University of Arizona instructor who would like to integrate Cloudera's materials into your coursework, please submit a support request with some details about your course, and we can work on getting those materials to you. As part of our participation in the Cloudera Academic Program, they seek feedback on the materials from the instructors who use them.